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P H O T O    G A L L E R Y  #  1


Many customers wrote about the fun they had building. Some say "you can see it in their work". 

PLAN # 1333

Built in Rocky River, Ohio

Our Customer Service helped the owner make the roof of this shed lower to suit his needs.


Just a couple of pictures of my 1333.  

I enjoyed building my new shed.


James Umerley 



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PLAN # 1112

This cute 8' X 10' shed was built in Michigan


I don't have my receipt or S.O. number, but I did just complete constructing my shed today.  I had never built anything larger than a dog house before, so I was apprehensive going back and forth to Home Depot for materials, then cutting all flooring, framing and roof members in advance.  When I started putting my pieces together I said to my wife, "This things fits like a glove".  I appreciate your attention to detail.  I will not hesitate to take on another job, using your plans. It was fun.
Thank you, Robert Baird

Some of the shed plans have been adapted by the owners to suit their preferences.

PLAN # 1141

This was the first building the owner of this charming saltbox style shed ever built. It was adapted to suit their needs and built in New York State. At 10' X 10' it offers them a lot of storage space. 

The smaller pictures on the left can be enlarged by clicking on them. They show a lot of construction details and nice workmanship. 

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I built the shed by myself in my spare time in 31 days and this is the largest project, and only building, I've ever built.

One of the reasons that I decided to use Just-Sheds plans was because of the convenience provided by being able to order and download on-line.  This saved me lots of time in getting my application submitted. 

The City of Saratoga Springs is located close to the Adirondack region of New York State and within an area that can experience heavy snows.  The NYS Building Code requirements necessitated modifying the roof design to include 2x6 rafters, a 2x8 ridgepole, and 1/2" roof sheeting.

The City of Saratoga Springs is a beautiful and historic small City and they want to keep it looking good.  This review required a site plan, proposed elevation views, and proposed material and color selections.  I was able to modify and color the elevation views provided by Just-Sheds for this purpose.

I selected siding materials and colors to match the look of my 1925 era house, though I chose to use 100 percent vinyl on the shed for low maintenance.  The shed is white on the bottom half and blue on the top half just like my house.  The shed roof shingles are Colonial Slate in color to match the slate stepping stones of the pre-existing path leading to the shed.  I now hope to reside my house some day to match the shed!

One of the biggest challenges was construction in a very tight location.  The shed is located in one corner of my back yard.  My small downtown city lot is only 33 feet wide, is entirely surrounded by a tall wooden fence, and is heavily landscaped.  I had to trim quite a few trees and bushes to make room.  Along the left side of the shed I have a row of 15 foot tall cedar shrubs only 1 foot away from the foundation.  The back side of the shed is offset just 5 feet from my fence/property line.

By the way, I had a lot of fun building this!

The ‘Wood’s Shed’, Saratoga Springs, NY






Hello! I'm happy to see my photos still on your website as an example of plan 1141. My desire to reside my house some day to match the shed, as described in the narrative, have now finally been fulfilled. Attached is a photo. The shed has been very well used, is still like new, and served as a model for the house!

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PLAN # 3416

This shed plan has been adapted by the owners to suit their preferences.


I purchased your 3416 plan, 14x20, but will be building a 16x 20 shed.  The previous email from you explains how to do the roof rafters for the additional width of the shed.  If I make the top and bottom rafters 8.4 inches longer can I still use the templates for the angles and birds mouth from the plans?  Thanks for your help.

Some of the shed plans have been adapted by the owners to suit their preferences.

PLAN # 2312


Built in Poughkeepsie, New York State, this shed was adapted and built larger than the plans called for to suit the owners needs.


We just finished siding the front of our shed this afternoon and think it looks terrific! The shed plan is 2312. We modified the plans to create a 12x16 shed, large enough to house our tractor.  We opted to add fish scales on the gable, which coordinate with the scales we have on our house.  We’ve ordered a door, but it won’t be in for a week or two, and we still have to do the landscaping so we don’t consider it complete just yet.  We are very happy with the plans we received and our progress thus far! Thanks again for making the plans so easy to follow. It allowed us to build the shed ourselves and get exactly what we wanted.

I received my plans yesterday in the mail.  Thank you very much for your prompt response.  I look forward to building this shed and will let you know of the outcome and forward some pictures, if you'd like.
Thank you again.  Your site was a terrific find for me.  Just what I was looking for in the way of a workshop shed.

Robert Rogers


I purchased your plan THE RIDEAU number 2415 10x12 shed.  Came out nice, I loved your plans made things easy! 

I customized it, I made use of pressure treated for floor joists, floor, and bottom plates.  Beefed up the roof with ˝” plywood and made the door 4” smaller than the plans and moved it towards center, also changed the ventilation to soffit & ridge.  Obviously we like stained sheds so opted for T1-11 and splurged on the best stain we could get (in our case we got Cabot, New Cedar semi-solid) applying 2 heavy coats.  Took about 3 months from start to finish working mostly nights and weekends.  Using high quality materials I estimate the final cost was $2,500 - $3000 when all said & done and worth every penny we love it.  Just need a flower box under the window! 

BTW between us I screwed up at first and ordered the 2427 and you were nice to send me the 2415 which was what I really wanted (the plans are extremely similar).  I’m glad I did because the 2427 has the info on the attic floor that’s missing from 2415 and the 2415 when talking about how many nails to use with the gussets says “Use at least” and stops there.  The 2427 says “Use at least 6 nails on each side of each gusset 12 total”.  So… I would change the 2415 to include the missing attic floor page and include the extra wording missing with the gussets and how many nails to use.  Thanks

Some of the sheds plans have been adapted by the owner to suit they preferences.




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PLAN # 1111


Perhaps this section of our photo gallery best illustrates the dramatic difference between before and after.

This successful shed building project is clearly shown in the after picture. 

Not only is it apparent that the choice of shed plan is good but when looking closely it shows it's location is well chosen and marked out with the tall white stakes. This shed was built on concrete piers like many of our shed plans can be. It deals best with a sloping backyard and it allows for some storage space underneath The patio stone sidewalk was also laid out and installed before the shed was built to ensure the angle of the sidewalk and the shed aligned so as to capture the right effect. 

The during picture can be enlarged. It shows the framing is almost complete but still needs wall sheeting installed over the 3-piece built up beam and the double floor joist. As mentioned in our free Construction Guide, this gives the sheeting the continuity that makes the siding look better.

The picture also shows that it is not only men who build sheds. More than one quarter of our shed plans are actually bought by women. And if it is true that building a shed is a fun thing to do, then maybe she is having more fun than he, who seems to be well shall we say, resting.


If you are enjoying our web site please


The old shed on the left belongs to Ron and Suzanne Ritchie who graciously allowed us to share it with you on our web site.

It is thought to be between 105 and 150 years old. The exact year in which it was built is very difficult to determine but careful review shows old square nails used in the side boards. It is thought that these nails were no longer used after 1898. The area in which it was built had its land cleared in the mid to late 1850s. 

We know for sure that it was not built from one of our shed plans.

But somehow we still admire it. 

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